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      Create the high-end stamping equipment. Be the leader in the high speed and precision stamping industry. Provide the best service and total solution.
Business philosophy
  Ming-XU press machine is a "high-speed precision press" design, manufacture and sales company which hold "quality" as its core value. Business philosophy emphasize in combining "human" value and achieving company's "high quality", so that ordinary people extraordinary achievement. Through the process of learning, growth, value creation and benefit-sharing, enlarge and widen Ming-XU’s pattern. Always pay attention to the needs of customers, always linked to the ripple of trend, not only contribute in the satisfaction of each customer but also struggle hard for sustainable brand value of Ming-XU.
  In order to see much further, Ming-XU works hard to stand higher. In order to experience deeper, Ming-XU humbly lays lower. Not only the adoption of modern approach in management operation, but also takes care of each family member internally and concerns each friend externally. The company pursuits development progress every day and demanding details for the goal of "high quality". The whole company focus on non-stop "integrity and diligence". It is our corporate culture. We are grateful for the past achievements and thankful for all the supporting customers, partners and friends. Ming-XU will work harder for future, and the world environment is rapidly changing, but Ming-XU’s intention shall never change!

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